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LactApp Team, a small family with giant values.

LactApp was born from a dream that, far from becoming a utopia, is transformed into a clear and powerful mission: 

Facilitate the protagonism of women as a force for change in society.


"Decide, commit and enjoy the journey"

Why do you work at Lactapp?

By co-responsibility. Because we should all be more feminist. Because it is a company for Mijares the well-being of women and thus improve the world. Because Maria and Alba asked me to. Because to say that it was not to miss an unrepeatable opportunity to contribute to a necessary and exciting legacy.

What are you doing at LactApp?

Look away. I think about technology, disruption, competitive advantages and business. I do it because the team allows me to and because dreaming about LactApp is making real things happen. I think in terms of business and sustained benefits


"I just remember I don't remember anything" by Rocío, the boss

Why do you work at Lactapp?

When I think that I work at LactApp I feel that the planets have aligned: working to change the world from the most sincere laughter together with friends.

What are you doing at LactApp?

I am the co-founder of the project and I dedicate myself to giving work to others, to make sure that no topic falls off the table and that we continue to improve in every little detail.

Co-Founder, IBCLC

"Women promote powerful change."

Why do you work at Lactapp?

Because every day we struggle to do wonderful things that will change the world

What are you doing at LactApp?

I create contents for the blog, trainings, audiovisuals… I attend to the users who need it, I study each one of the updates in lactation to have the most reliable and current information always based on scientific evidence, I go to congresses and conferences, I travel… in short, whatever it takes to make this dream a competent and affordable reality for everyone.



"If you're a woman and you've heard a voice in your head saying, 'Who are you to say something?', remember you're a human being who can change the world. - Emma Watson

Why do you work at Lactapp?

Because I love being able to do my bit by helping women choose their path at a time as important as the birth of a child.

What are you doing at LactApp?
My job at LactApp is to develop the application for iOS, and to serve as a guide and support for the rest of the technical team.


"Trying to improve Society from the binomial man-machine."  

Why do you work at Lactapp?

I love applying something considered to be cold as technology to a scenario full of love as breastfeeding

What are you doing at LactApp?
In LactApp I apply Natural Language Processing techniques to help our team of experts to support breast-feeding mothers.

Psychology team

"As a result of so much scientific research, we have come up with common sense answers: the newborn needs to be with its mother. What we have to do is leave others alone" Michel Odent

Why do you work at Lactapp?

We firmly believe that interdisciplinary work is basic. Because breastfeeding and maternity psychology are aspects that have traditionally been invisible, and as LactApp psychologists we want to give voice to all these emotions and relationships to accompany and take care of the mental health of mothers, families, couples and babies.

Being part of the LactApp team is for us an honor, a privilege, a motivation and the opportunity to build something very innovative.

What are you doing at LactApp?

We pay psychological attention to all the emotional part associated with maternity in general, and breastfeeding in particular.

We respond to queries that come through the App related to mental health, feelings and emotions. Giving a personalized response to each case and circumstance.

And we are also working to expand the content related to the scope of perinatal psychology, couple and sexuality in the App.

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